Cultivating Creativity

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I recently provided some event assistance for Ink Pot Arts’ Cultivating Creativity program of events, as part of the 2014 Adelaide Fringe. Ink Pot Arts are a community arts not-for-profit organisation located in the Adelaide Hills, who presented a wide variety of inclusive events and activities for all ages, including musical performances, arts & crafts, poetry, comedy, magic, and cabaret. Above are a few of my personal favourites from all the photos I took during these events, capturing just a little of the artistic energy and creative talent on display.

Rain, rain, go away

Stangate House, AldgateUnfortunately, our community event at Stangate House had to be cancelled due to constant rain during the period required to complete the set up for our outdoor activities. It’s always disappointing when a lot of work goes into coordinating an event, and you don’t get the opportunity to see it all come to fruition – but that’s the nature of an outdoor event. As they say, one element you can’t control is the weather.

Even though we didn’t appreciate the falling rain, the gardens certainly did!

My Blue-tongued mate

Blue-tongue LizardHere’s a photo of my new neighbour – a Blue-tongue Lizard. He’s recently moved into the garden area near the rainwater tank outside my front door, a spot where I’ve unfortunately often intruded on his outdoor sunbathing. Today he was out sunning himself on the stone steps and decided to stay put when I arrived, so I grabbed the camera and got a few shots off before he lazily took his leave into the shadows and safety of the garden.


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