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Abbott vs Putin
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has stated that he plans to ‘shirtfront’ Russian President Vladimir Putin when he attends the G20 leaders’ meeting in Brisbane during November, due to Russia’s suspected involvement and lack of rescue assistance in the tragic downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over the Ukraine in July.

Abbott was a student boxer and Putin is a bear-wrestling 6th dan judo and karate expert! BRING IT ON!!

Got a moment to support my idea?

Elevated Futures
The volunteer community group that I’ve formed this year is currently seeking public support for our funding proposal featured in the Government of South Australia’s ‘Fund my Idea’ initiative for the Adelaide Hills, Mount Barker and Alexandrina region. We are desiring to create a one-hour documentary about the life of Captain Collet Barker, titled ‘A Melancholy Death’. This project details the Australian adventures of the man recognised in the naming of Mount Barker, who ultimately suffered a violent death at the Murray Mouth in April 1831. The entire production will be made by and only feature volunteers, with extensive opportunities available for anyone interested in a creative community project to come along and be involved.

To become eligible for any funds we need to place in the top 3 ideas from the list of proposals seen on the Government’s YourSAy website. Voting is open to the public until 5pm Monday 3 November, so if you can spare a few minutes to click on the link below, it may get us closer to making the final round for funding consideration.

Vote here: http://yoursay.sa.gov.au/ideas/elevated-futures

ToQ: Beyond the Morning Mountains fantasy adventure gamebook

ToQ: Beyond the Morning Mountains

Today I’ve finally announced my gamebook project set within the fantasy world of Quahnarren. Beyond the Morning Mountains is a very ambitious project, featuring over 120,000 words it is extensively illustrated throughout, and is the first in a planned series of adventures that will take readers to all corners of the world that I am creating.

Visit the Tales of Quahnarren site to read more about the book, and if you’re completely new to the gamebook concept you can also preview a few written sections to gain some understanding of what the genre is all about.

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day
October 10 is World Mental Health Day, with a focus this year on those living with schizophrenia. Information and resources on mental health issues and activities as part of WMHD are available at:

World Federation for Mental Health

World Health Organization

Mental Health Australia

Mental Health Foundation (UK)

National Alliance on Mental Illness (USA)

ToQ: Duquellah coat of arms

Duquellah coat of arms
A new coat of arms design for the City of Duquellah, as part of my ongoing Tales of Quahnarren project.

Duquellah is the largest city in Quahnarren and the oldest permanently inhabited site on the continent since the arrival of the Guahn people. Known by all as the ‘city of learning’, Duquellah is famous for the Victory gate of Vehkorr and the broad thoroughfare Aelisen Way, both located near the central area of the city amid the attractive natural parks and small gardens that abut The Skar river.

Our troubles blind us

When Will We Learn?

While billions of people desperately need welfare to provide basic human survival needs, nearly two trillion dollars are spent globally on warfare every year. When will we learn that our troubles will not be resolved by childish disputes and warmongering?

Our destructive acts against each other breed only greater distrust, a desire for violent reprisal, and generational resentment. At a time when the world economy can’t afford this continued spending on such wasteful misery and destruction, solutions must urgently be found to help those in poverty and war ravaged countries, and to no longer continue the harmful cycle of oppression and war.

– – –

A photomontage of the unending conflict, terror, and resulting shattered lives.


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